Why Uniform

In 1993 former State Education Commission of the PRC released statement titled <Regarding strengthen management of school uniform for primary and middle school>, since then school uniform was accepted by parents, until now school uniform is more and more popular, but how to dispose of school uniform becomes a bigger and bigger problem. 

According to the statistics of Ministry of Education of the PRC released on 10 July 2017:

Total number of students of primary and middle school is: 37.24 million
In case each student has 4 sets of school uniform, the total quantity of school uniform under use is 720 million sets
In case each primary school student changes school uniform every 5 years and middle school student changes school uniform every 3 years, every year 50 million sets of school uniform to dispose of . 

Until now the re-use rate of school uniform is very low, only a very little percentage of school uniform is kept as memento, most of them were threw away, most of students have question:

"My school uniform is in good state, but I do not have chance to wear it, how shall I do?"
The best answer is:
"Let's donate to students live in poor and remote area"

As our Chairman Xi Jinping says: 
"Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver"
Let's donate uniform to protect our ecological environment.