Pingtang county central school

Name of school Pingtang county central school
Address Pingtang county, Baise city, Guangxi province
Number of students 700 and 196 kindergarden
Grade 6 grades 17 classes 
Name of teacher Ms. Song Li



Entered top 300 nominee of 2017 Mayun (Jack Ma) Rural Teacher Award 
Entered top 180 nominee of 2018 Mayun (Jack Ma) Rural Teacher Award 
Under application for 2019 Mayun (Jack Ma) Rural Teacher Award
Donation needed Tuition cost for 91 students
Estimated cost  RMB45,500 (Equivalent to US$6,594)

Details of Donation needed

Pingtao county located in Dashi mountain area, it is one of the most poverty-stricken areas in China, there is no source of income in mountain area, local people can work all go outside to find work to support family, children are left with relatives who can not work, I as a teacher, I feel distressed for the children live in poverty, in order for them can concentrate to study to achieve their goal of life, I hereby ask for donation for these children:

1) Who need donation
– For those are centified by county civil affairs departments as poor household and or single-parent family, total 70 students
– For those whose both parents or one of the parents are dead, no body in family can work, total 6 students
– For those whose both parents or one of the parents have serious illness, total 5 students
– Orphan or deformity children or deformity parent(s), total 10 students
2) Donation needed:
– RMB500 for one semester per student
– Total RMB45,500 for 91 students

All information of poor students are provided by Ms. Song Li
Application for help by Ms. Song Li teacher of Pingtang county central school

About Ms. Song Li  

Ms. Song was born in 1975, she started her career as a teacher since 1993, at that time the condition of rural school was very bad and few teachers were willing to work there,  the first school she worked was located in a small village, she had to walk 5 hours from town to school, there was only 26 students, only 1 room, in day time as classroom in the evening as her dormitory, after 1 semester she did a good job, she was transfered to a bigger boarding school, that school had 6 teachers, over 200 students, teachers not only taught but also cooked for students


About Rural Teacher Award 

The Jack Ma Foundation (the Foundation), established by Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma in late 2014 to help improve education, the environment, public health and support people development in the nonprofit sector, last night awarded the Foundation’s inaugural annual teacher’s grants of 10 million yuan (US$1.57 million) to one hundred rural teachers in China at an award ceremony in Sanya, Hainan.

The grants are the first annual award under the Jack Ma Rural Teacher Plan, launched in September 2015 by the Foundation to support rural education in China. One hundred rural teachers from western China selected by the Foundation were awarded 100,000 yuan each to help benefit rural schools and students, and to support the improvement of rural education in China.

About Jack Ma Foundation

Jack Ma Foundation is a charitable organization that was established in 2014 by Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, with the aim to promote human development in harmony with both society and the environment. The Foundation’s mission is to work toward a world with bluer skies, cleaner water, healthier communities and more open thinking. It focuses on Education, Environment, Public Health and People Development in the Nonprofit sector, with a view to fostering an innovative and sustainable model for a better world.

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