Gaojiaji primary school

Name of school Gaojiaji primary school
Address Gaojiaji village, Tong town, Jia county, Yulin city, Shaanxi province
Number of students 10
Grade 1 ~ 6
Name of teacher Ms. Sun Liaoliao
Award Winner of 2018 Mayun (Jack Ma) Rural Teacher Award 
Donation needed Stationery set
Estimated cost  RMB750 (Equivalent to US$109)

Gaojiaji primary school is a school located at the bank of Yellow river, it is the farest village from the local county government, Ms. Sun and and her hunsband works as teacher since 2012, half of the students are handicaped, at beginning there was no tap water in school, no paved road either, after 7 years the academic record of her students improved a lot, many of her students entered middle school in town, Ms. Sun got several awards from town government. 

About Ms. Sun Liaoliao  

Ms. Sun was born in 1987, she works as teacher since 2012, she also persuaded her husband to give up high paid job in city and come back to work as a teach with annual salary of RMB15,000 (Equivalent to US$2,174), they not only work as teachers but also act as a part time parents for those students .


About Rural Teacher Award  

 The Jack Ma Foundation (the Foundation), established by Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma in late 2014 to help improve education, the environment, public health and support people development in the nonprofit sector, last night awarded the Foundation’s inaugural annual teacher’s grants of 10 million yuan (US$1.57 million) to one hundred rural teachers in China at an award ceremony in Sanya, Hainan. 

 The grants are the first annual award under the Jack Ma Rural Teacher Plan, launched in September 2015 by the Foundation to support rural education in China. One hundred rural teachers from western China selected by the Foundation were awarded 100,000 yuan each to help benefit rural schools and students, and to support the improvement of rural education in China. 

 About Jack Ma Foundation 

 Jack Ma Foundation is a charitable organization that was established in 2014 by Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, with the aim to promote human development in harmony with both society and the environment. The Foundation’s mission is to work toward a world with bluer skies, cleaner water, healthier communities and more open thinking. It focuses on Education, Environment, Public Health and People Development in the Nonprofit sector, with a view to fostering an innovative and sustainable model for a better world.

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